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( lethargic youths )

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Hyuk’s tweet 1: Yesterday during the evening…”katalk!!” Seohyun”Oppa(,) what are you going to do tomorrow evening??” Me”What’s wrong~?” Seohyun”I want to call all the people that are close to me and do a birthday party!!^^” Me”But why me…” Anyway(,) to congrat her(,) this evening(,) I went. Yesung and Dalri(?) reached the earliest.

Hyuk’s tweet 2: us drinking juice…the awkwardness that suffocates.

Hyuk’s tweet 3: 30 minutes later(,) Kyuhyun arrived! Even so(,) it is still a weird combination(of people). Try doing a performance in a bright atmosphere.

Hyuk’s tweet 4: Heenim and Sooyoung arrived!! Now its a little better. But where are Seohyunnie’s friends…

Hyuk’s tweet 5: Finally(,) 1 hour after the appointed time(,) Seohyunnie’s real friends(,) Jinwoonnie and Amber appeared!! Seohyun-ah(,) the picture that you thought of is now coming out?

Hyuk’s tweet 6: Holding the cake(,) Yoona and Sunny appeared!!!! In the end(,) this is Suju & Soshi & JYP Jinwoonㅋㅋㅋ And I left. I heard that Leeteuk and Changmin arrived after I left. Anyway(,) Happy birthday Seohyun-ah^^

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yesung and the girlssss