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( lethargic youths )

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@ryeong9: The lunch (boxes) from *Kyuhyunie* support reached during the dance practice for Super Junior 6th album’s live performance ~~~ㅋㅋ Thanks for the support that wishing 6jib daebak !!! Kimchi jjim is delicious♥ Kyuhyunie is feeling proud ^^ Thanks to you him we’re having Teukie hyung’s birthday party~><

@ShinsFriends: I’m feeling full because of Kyuhyunie!! Thank you. We had a great meal!!^^ i like back ribs and kimchi jjim!! Wuhehehe cr.

yeah, so, i found this huge mole on my- oh, i- i gotta talk?.. uhm.. hel- omg lol”


That one day when Heechilli was bullied XD